Gut Refresh Workbook


Data tells us that physically checking off your daily to-do’s is both gratifying and encouraging. The GUT REFRESH WORKBOOK offers a hands-on experience that simplifies the science and the shopping!

Developed as the companion piece to the GUT REFRESH GUIDE, this workbook will keep you on track to developing a happy, healthy gut. Each workbook includes:

  • Daily checklists to hold you accountable & support you in easting the right amounts of body benefiting goodies like vegetable, probiotics and healthy fats each day
  • Symptom tracker
  • Body tracker
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Weekly menus
  • PLUS, a mental health questionnaire 

Available in either hardcover or digital download.

*This is for those who already have the GUT REFRESH GUIDE. If you are doing it with a family or doing the program again as a refresher this is for you. If you are doing the program for the first time then make sure to get both the GUT REFRESH GUIDE and GUT REFRESH WORKBOOK.

As per industry standards, no refunds on programs are available. Show up for yourself. Commit to change. Let’s GUT started!

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